Our history had a start in 1998. Since then, we have continuously innovated and improved our competences and our techniques. We count great goals reached thanks also to our human resources value.

During that pattern, we have conquered the skill to supply high tech products aside fit and effective services, becoming with the time technical partners to our clients.

More than ever, today we are engaged into the innovation, investing in new methodologies and quality technologies which are the ground of our competitiveness.

The company task is providing customers with electronic products both on standard or customized version as well as full electronic designs and consulting support according customers requirement in the field of

  • Automation, control and superintendence for Industrial processes
  • Data processing for all devices and equipment installed in public buildings
  • Measuring and checking chemical and physical parameters in water treatment processes.

Consulting activities achieved:

  • Project: IMI n. 52811
    Making ready optical reading systems in order to get automated the collection and the data processing at public institutions.
  • Project: IMI n. 57810
    Identification and analysis for paper currency by means neural networks.
  • Project: IMI n. 63203
    SPIROSYS-Telematic system to check cardio-respiratory diseases.
  • Research: Analysis of quality objects through surface measures.
  • Project: INAGRIMED
    Integrated researches to innovate the control process for typical Mediterranean product manufacturing line.

In the frame of the co-operation with “The Italian Association Blind People” the company C.E.D.S. developed an “electric thermometer with vocal communication of measured values.”

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