C.E.D.S. has a tradition in developing hardware, firmware and software projects with microprocessor, microcontrollers, DSP, and PC based systems technology. With its thirty years’ experience in designing digital and analogic electronic and in data communication C.E.D.S can match any demands in this sector.

A system can be completed beginning from a basic stage with:
• An operative core designed on purpose;
• Peripheral drivers and handlers;
• Communication protocols;
• Applications.

In case of hardware and firmware projects based on microcontrollers, the followings can be implemented:

o Freescale Kinetis ARM Cortex M0+ e M4
o ST ARM Cortex M4
o Texas MPS 430

For PC software C.E.D.S. has know-how in:

o Programming in Windows environment on platform:
  - Visual Basic;
  - Visual C++;
  - Visual Studio.net.
o Programming Linux environment;
o SCADA systems from present main market leaders:
  - IFIX;
  - WINCC.

Custom devices

o Circuit integration by:
  - GATE ARRAY programmable (FPGA XILINK);

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