The company technicians, decennials experienced, have ability to develop hardware, firmware e software projects and to intervene in the management of life cycle for following activities:

Project coordination – System theory problematics

  • System requirements definition;
  • Hardware/software functions identification;
  • Architecture selection;
  • Performances evaluation;
  • Costs estimation and evaluation;
  • Test definition;
  • Accomplishment plan.

Hardware designing

  • Requirements definition;
  • Requirements of details definition;
  • Accomplishment of functional block diagram;
  • Accomplishment of the electric display;
  • Tests specification list definition;
  • Specification for test programs definition;
  • Production engineering;
  • Master PCB layout design.;
  • PCB accomplishment.;
  • Prototype accomplishment;
  • Testing;
  • Project documentation.

Software designing

  • Requirements definition;
  • Requirements of details definition;
  • Pseudo code;
  • Codification;
  • Hardware/firmware integration;
  • Debug;
  • Testing;
  • Project documentation.


  • Prototype accomplishment;
  • First small series production;
  • Customer documentation providing:
    o Wiring diagram;
    o Components list;
    o Topographic diagram;
    o P.C.B. files Gerber;
    o Files of source and executable firmware e software programs;
    o Testing procedures;
    o Mechanical drawings.

The know-how, operational experiences and internal human resources education are the adequate basis for the following activities:

  • Training courses according to the customer needs;
  • Standard of documentation definition;
  • Writing of technical documentation.
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